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Konjugation Verb solidify oneself auf Englisch


Hilfsverb: have, be

Andere Formen: solidify/not solidify




  • I solidify myself
  • you solidify yourself
  • he/she/it solidifies himself/herself/itself
  • we solidify ourselves
  • you solidify yourselves
  • they solidify themselves


  • I solidified myself
  • you solidified yourself
  • he/she/it solidified himself/herself/itself
  • we solidified ourselves
  • you solidified yourselves
  • they solidified themselves

Present continuous

  • I am solidifying myself
  • you are solidifying yourself
  • he/she/it is solidifying himself/herself/itself
  • we are solidifying ourselves
  • you are solidifying yourselves
  • they are solidifying themselves

Present perfect

  • I have solidified myself
  • you have solidified yourself
  • he/she/it has solidified himself/herself/itself
  • we have solidified ourselves
  • you have solidified yourselves
  • they have solidified themselves


  • I will solidify myself
  • you will solidify yourself
  • he/she/it will solidify himself/herself/itself
  • we will solidify ourselves
  • you will solidify yourselves
  • they will solidify themselves

Future perfect

  • I will have solidified myself
  • you will have solidified yourself
  • he/she/it will have solidified himself/herself/itself
  • we will have solidified ourselves
  • you will have solidified yourselves
  • they will have solidified themselves

Past continous

  • I was solidifying myself
  • you were solidifying yourself
  • he/she/it was solidifying himself/herself/itself
  • we were solidifying ourselves
  • you were solidifying yourselves
  • they were solidifying themselves

Past perfect

  • I had solidified myself
  • you had solidified yourself
  • he/she/it had solidified himself/herself/itself
  • we had solidified ourselves
  • you had solidified yourselves
  • they had solidified themselves

Future continuous

  • I will be solidifying myself
  • you will be solidifying yourself
  • he/she/it will be solidifying himself/herself/itself
  • we will be solidifying ourselves
  • you will be solidifying yourselves
  • they will be solidifying themselves

Present perfect continuous

  • I have been solidifying myself
  • you have been solidifying yourself
  • he/she/it has been solidifying himself/herself/itself
  • we have been solidifying ourselves
  • you have been solidifying yourselves
  • they have been solidifying themselves

Past perfect continuous

  • I had been solidifying myself
  • you had been solidifying yourself
  • he/she/it had been solidifying himself/herself/itself
  • we had been solidifying ourselves
  • you had been solidifying yourselves
  • they had been solidifying themselves

Future perfect continuous

  • I will have been solidifying myself
  • you will have been solidifying yourself
  • he/she/it will have been solidifying himself/herself/itself
  • we will have been solidifying ourselves
  • you will have been solidifying yourselves
  • they will have been solidifying themselves



  • solidify yourself
  • let's solidify ourselves
  • solidify yourselves


  • solidifying myself
  • solidifying yourself
  • solidifying himself/herself/itself
  • solidifying ourselves
  • solidifying yourselves
  • solidifying themselves


  • solidified myself
  • solidified yourself
  • solidified himself/herself/itself
  • solidified ourselves
  • solidified yourselves
  • solidified themselves


  • to solidify oneself

Perfect participle

  • having solidified oneself
solidify oneself Konjugation von Verben in allen Zeiten, Modi und Personen.
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Ähnliche Verben: carry, specify, unify
Konjugiere auch: use, smell, pan, prove, function, customize, bite, bring, pretend, cover